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The Owners of The Jukebox Radio, LLC.

Choco Chandler 

Choco Chandler Owner of The Jukebox Radio, LLC

Choco Chandler and Hershey are the hosts of The Jukebox! Show. The married couple are both natives of Washington, D.C. though call Maryland home.

As early as 11 Choco was inspired to DJ and host his own radio show. A fanatic of the hit 90’s television show “Friends”, Choco recognized he and Chandler of “Friends” shared the same name, Matt Perry, with dry humor comedy in common as well. Choco considered himself the Black Chandler, hence his radio name “Choco Chandler”. Choco started mixing in his early teenage years for his rap group, "Overdrive Posse", catching the attention of Kevin Jackson.


Later he studied at Columbia School of Broadcasting. Soon after, Choco landed a time slot on the Da Beat 1650 AM (internet radio), creating his own show, The Jukebox Show - Variations of Life. Being the only host of Da Jukebox Show, Choco created segments consisting of, The Mancave, Face Off, Music Moments, etc. After one year of hosting the Da Jukebox Show, Choco brought in his wife Hershey as co-host and gossip expert (The Juice). Hershey had a keen ear and passion for music starting from her earliest memories. Hershey and Choco have been doing The Jukebox! Show together on air since 2014. This dynamic duo also refers to themselves as


“The First Married Couple of Radio.”


Tune into The Jukebox! Show, Monday through Friday, on the My VYBE Radio

6:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Hear your favorite old skool everything, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Inspirational, Neo-soul, 80’s pop and maybe even Rock. Enjoy segments such as, The Juice, Face-Off, Music Moment, and a lot of trash talking.

Now the proud owners of The Jukebox Radio, LLC.


The Jukebox Radio Stations

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