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MY VYBE Radio 

Old Skool Hits.
Classic R&B and Soul.

Make sure the vibe is always right by tuning into My Vybe for all of the hottest Old Skool hits and R&B and Soul classics. Unparalleled quality and passionate hosts providing you with perfect vibes, every time.

My VYBE Radio is the best choice for R&B

The Sounds of My VYBE Radio

For uninterrupted entertainment, all week long, check out:

The Vybe Radio Station our mission nostalgic vibes with Old Skool and R&B classic music

The Vybe

Our mission is to create nostalgic vibes through our diverse selection of Old Skool and R&B classics. The tunes we play are hand-selected for feel-good vibes with passionate on-air personalities.



Our Vision

Our goal is to become your go-to R&B station, beating out our competition with innovative content and specially-formatted house shows.

My Vybe Radio is your go to R&B station

MEET My VYBE Radio On-Air Team

My VYBE Radio the Best Choice for R&B

Passion is the force behind providing quality content. Though consistency will keep you intrigued.   Our efficiency will win you over.

Myy Vybe team
Hershey on air host for The Jukebox Radio Show on MY Vybe Radio
"Jukebox Morning Show"
Choco & Hershey

Choco landed a time slot on the Da Beat 1650 AM (internet radio), creating his own show The Jukebox Show - Variations of Life. Being the only host of Da Jukebox Show, Choco created segments consisting of, The Mancave, Face Off, Music Moments, etc. After one year of hosting the Da Jukebox Show, Choco brought in his wife Hershey as co-host and gossip expert (The Juice). Hershey had a keen ear and passion for music starting from her earliest memories. Hershey and Choco has been doing The Jukebox! Show together on air since 2014. This dynamic duo also refers to themselves as “The First Married Couple of Radio”.


Tune into The Jukebox! Show

Monday Thru Saturday


Choco Chandler on air host for The Jukebox Radio Show on MY Vybe Radio

"Truly Tracy"


Mon - Sat 6AM - NOON

Beau & DJT

"The Beau Paradox"


Mon - Sat 6PM - MIDNIGHT

Choco Chandler

"The Jukebox Show"


Sunday 6AM to 10AM

Tracy Reed

"Truly Tracy"

The Lounge - JWald.jpg

Sunday 10 AM to 2 PM


"Deeper Dive"



Sunday 2PM to 10PM


Forgotten Retro Radio - Jim Tirey.jpg

Sunday 10PM - MIDNIGHT

Jim Tiery

"The Forgotten Radio"

The Sounds of My VYBE Radio


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